Groundhog Day

by Megan on April 6, 2014

After Gracie was diagnosed with the ACL tear on her right leg we were told that about 50% of dogs who tear one ligament will have the other go within a year.  Obviously, we were hoping to beat the odds.  About a month ago at her wellness check-up, our vet told us that he felt like her left ACL was about to blow out at anytime.


It turns out that he knows his stuff pretty well. Last week while out in the backyard chasing Sherlock it went in a fairly dramatic fashion. I heard a yelp followed by immediate lameness and knew right away.  A visit to the vet the next day confirmed things and we scheduled surgery for this past Thursday.


The only way that I could get Gracie to settle down yesterday was to lay in her exercise pen, hold her paw and let her lick me until she finally drifted off to sleep.

So far, things have been much rougher this go round.  Before the surgery she was barely using the leg at all. Since we have been home she is still very hesitant on it. 

Before bringing her home we tried to make a few changes to our house to help make her more comfortable this time around.  This involved setting up exercise pens in both our living room and bedroom.  We also removed some furniture from our office to make a “safe room” for her to lounge around in.


It turns out that the ginormo dog bed is an adequate size for a human to nap on.

This afternoon we gave Gracie a break from the exercise pens (which she has already come to loathe) and let her into the safe room. Danny snapped this picture right before I fell asleep.  I guess Danny must have decided a nap sounded like a good plan because when I woke up I discovered this happening…


…which I thought was the most adorable thing ever.  Unfortunately, Gracie is only into cuddling when she feels miserable.   I almost think I would rather have her do her usual bark/yell thing at us if it meant that felt more like herself. 

Let’s do this Gracie – 3 days down only 53 left to go.


Iced In

by Megan on January 31, 2014

Earlier this month I was lamenting to Danny about how the first quarter of the year always kind of sucks.  After the holidays going back to work is such a drag and there really isn’t anything to look forward to January-March in terms of holidays or time off from work. 

Last weekend I started seeing lots of things pop up on Facebook about snow heading our way. The news picked up steam and the forecasters started throwing around terms like “5 to 8 inches of snow” early in the week.  This is a huge deal at the coast because we hardly ever see significant snow so it was all pretty exciting.  On Tuesday the forecast started to change to more of an ice warning but we were all still very hopeful that the great snow of 2014 was headed our way. 

We did not get the major snow that everyone was hoping for but we did get some nasty ice.


It looked really pretty until the first trip outside with the dogs where I nearly ate it on the back stairs.  This was Sherlock’s first experience with anything winter weather related.  At first he loved it and could not get enough of running around the yard trying to eat the ice.  Around mid-day he decided he was completely over the ice.  I think it had something to do with the fact that he ran full speed to the back stairs to come inside and slid right past them.


Gracie, on the other hand, is a wild snow dog.  She thrives in the cold weather and would have been happy to stay outside all day frolicking around.  Unfortunately for her she kept slipping on her bad leg and I refused to let her off leash to have any real fun.


The newscasters kept asking everyone to stay off the roads due to the ice.  So, naturally, we decided to be the assholes who loaded into our car and headed across town to visit with Danny’s sister and her family.


The roads were really bad and it was stupid to venture out – but, I have to say, riding down an ice covered hill on a boogie board is surprisingly fun.  (Yes, I realize that my outfit is bordering on “hot mess” status but like I said, we don’t get much cold weather around here.)


Danny wound up with 4 days off work this week (which is super rare).  I wound up being away from work for around 2 and a half days.  I am sure that we will both play hell next week getting caught up from the unexpected holiday, but, it sure was a nice break from reality.


It’s Been Awhile

by Megan on January 10, 2014

It has been awhile since my last post.  The main reason for that being that I broke my right hand the day before Thanksgiving which has made doing anything at all a huge production.

How did I break my hand, you ask?  It was an unfortunate encounter with a treadmill at my gym.  Whomever had used it before me decided that turning it off was too much work and I stepped on to start my workout without realizing that the belt was still spinning.  It was all very dramatic and painful.  Honestly, I am not sure that in all my years of gym going that I have ever checked to make sure that an unoccupied treadmill was off before using it.  I will never make that mistake again.


Christmas morning at my parents house trying to be a good sport about the hand brace

 Considering that I am right handed and that basically my entire job revolves around working at the computer, the injury made productivity very difficult.  It was super frustrating and when I was away from work I tried to avoid the computer for fear of becoming even more irritable about the situation.

Thankfully, we assembled our Christmas tree and all decorations BEFORE the broken hand diagnosis, so, we did manage to capture a little bit of holiday spirit in the house. 


Danny surprised me with Justin Timberlake tickets for Christmas. I had been joking with him for weeks asking if he had gotten JT tickets and had no clue that he bought them back in November.  He totally managed to shock me with this gift. 


Two days after the New Year I came down with an awful stomach bug which was then followed by a nasty cold (which I am still trying to get over).  The good news is that (this past Monday) x-rays on my hand finally looked good and I was able to stop wearing the brace. 

Hopefully 2014 will bring better luck than the last quarter of 2013. Here’s to no broken bones and better health!


Back to Paradise–Anguilla 2013

November 24, 2013

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Gracie’s ACL Recovery – Weeks 7 and 8

October 27, 2013

I am a bit behind on these updates. We have officially surpassed the 8 week recovery period which is the time that requires the most limited activity. Our check up with the vet last Monday went well. He confirmed that everything looked good and gave us the go ahead to start gradually giving her back [...]

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Gracie’s ACL Recovery–Weeks 5 & 6

October 7, 2013

Since I dropped the ball last week on a Gracie update, this post is going to combine weeks 5 and 6 in the recovery.  Gracie is still doing really well.  The big news for Week 6 was that our therapist gave me the ok to start letting her do stairs (as long as we use [...]

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Gracie’s ACL Recovery–Week 4

September 25, 2013

Oh boy, Week 4 was super challenging.  I am glad that Gracie is feeling better, but, I think that managing her now is actually a lot harder than it was right after the procedure was done. Making this sign is totally considered “adult behavior,” right? Gracie is  the most neurotic dog ever.  One of her [...]

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Gracie’s ACL Recovery–Week 3

September 17, 2013

It is hard to believe that we are only on the third week of Gracie’s post-ACL surgery.  It feels like it has been more like two months.  But, things have gotten much easier since we invested in the indoor exercise pen, so, that is good news. The big development this week was that Gracie was [...]

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Gracie’s ACL Recovery – Week 2

September 10, 2013

Today marks the two week anniversary of Gracie’s surgery. She got her stitches removed today which was a huge relief as it is one less thing that we don’t have to worry about anymore. We had a bit of a scare last Friday. After our therapy session we came home and I let her on [...]

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Gracie’s ACL Recovery–Week One is Done!

September 4, 2013

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