My Date with Justin Timberlake

by Megan on July 23, 2014

A few weeks ago (July 12th to be exact), I finally got the chance to cash in the Justin Timberlake concert tickets that Danny gifted me for Christmas.  It was pretty much the most face melting thing that I have ever witnessed.  I am actually just now getting around to writing about the show because I needed to give my brain a chance to recover from the explosion of awesome that happened that evening.


Normally, I am not into big concert productions.  This one, however, was spectacular.  As soon as the countdown began and he made his big entrance to “Pusher Love Girl” (my favorite), any idea of playing it cool went out the window.  I entered full on fan girl mode.  God bless my husband for being such a good sport while I was screaming “JUSSSSSTTTIIIIIIN” and acting like a fool.


He played for almost two and a half hours and please believe that I spent the majority of that time losing my shit.  We had pretty good seats but by the second song I decided that if I ever get the chance to see JT again, I will totally be spending an obscene amount of money to sit in the VIP section close to the stage.


About halfway through the show, his stage moved across the venue and we were able to see him a little better.  He made his way to another VIP section and played a few songs – including “Heartbreak Hotel” by Elvis.  I have always been an Elvis fan, but, now I know how all those women back in the day felt once he started moving those hips around.


Thank you to my Danny for the best Christmas present ever!  He was a trooper and said, “It was an entertaining light show and he is very talented…but it’s not my thing.”   Next time, I will bring one of my friends along instead.

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