It’s Been Awhile

by Megan on January 10, 2014

It has been awhile since my last post.  The main reason for that being that I broke my right hand the day before Thanksgiving which has made doing anything at all a huge production.

How did I break my hand, you ask?  It was an unfortunate encounter with a treadmill at my gym.  Whomever had used it before me decided that turning it off was too much work and I stepped on to start my workout without realizing that the belt was still spinning.  It was all very dramatic and painful.  Honestly, I am not sure that in all my years of gym going that I have ever checked to make sure that an unoccupied treadmill was off before using it.  I will never make that mistake again.


Christmas morning at my parents house trying to be a good sport about the hand brace

 Considering that I am right handed and that basically my entire job revolves around working at the computer, the injury made productivity very difficult.  It was super frustrating and when I was away from work I tried to avoid the computer for fear of becoming even more irritable about the situation.

Thankfully, we assembled our Christmas tree and all decorations BEFORE the broken hand diagnosis, so, we did manage to capture a little bit of holiday spirit in the house. 


Danny surprised me with Justin Timberlake tickets for Christmas. I had been joking with him for weeks asking if he had gotten JT tickets and had no clue that he bought them back in November.  He totally managed to shock me with this gift. 


Two days after the New Year I came down with an awful stomach bug which was then followed by a nasty cold (which I am still trying to get over).  The good news is that (this past Monday) x-rays on my hand finally looked good and I was able to stop wearing the brace. 

Hopefully 2014 will bring better luck than the last quarter of 2013. Here’s to no broken bones and better health!

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