Iced In

by Megan on January 31, 2014

Earlier this month I was lamenting to Danny about how the first quarter of the year always kind of sucks.  After the holidays going back to work is such a drag and there really isn’t anything to look forward to January-March in terms of holidays or time off from work. 

Last weekend I started seeing lots of things pop up on Facebook about snow heading our way. The news picked up steam and the forecasters started throwing around terms like “5 to 8 inches of snow” early in the week.  This is a huge deal at the coast because we hardly ever see significant snow so it was all pretty exciting.  On Tuesday the forecast started to change to more of an ice warning but we were all still very hopeful that the great snow of 2014 was headed our way. 

We did not get the major snow that everyone was hoping for but we did get some nasty ice.


It looked really pretty until the first trip outside with the dogs where I nearly ate it on the back stairs.  This was Sherlock’s first experience with anything winter weather related.  At first he loved it and could not get enough of running around the yard trying to eat the ice.  Around mid-day he decided he was completely over the ice.  I think it had something to do with the fact that he ran full speed to the back stairs to come inside and slid right past them.


Gracie, on the other hand, is a wild snow dog.  She thrives in the cold weather and would have been happy to stay outside all day frolicking around.  Unfortunately for her she kept slipping on her bad leg and I refused to let her off leash to have any real fun.


The newscasters kept asking everyone to stay off the roads due to the ice.  So, naturally, we decided to be the assholes who loaded into our car and headed across town to visit with Danny’s sister and her family.


The roads were really bad and it was stupid to venture out – but, I have to say, riding down an ice covered hill on a boogie board is surprisingly fun.  (Yes, I realize that my outfit is bordering on “hot mess” status but like I said, we don’t get much cold weather around here.)


Danny wound up with 4 days off work this week (which is super rare).  I wound up being away from work for around 2 and a half days.  I am sure that we will both play hell next week getting caught up from the unexpected holiday, but, it sure was a nice break from reality.

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